Paint for planet unites makers to protect rainforest through pictures. The rainforest protected is protected through donations to Rainforesttrust.org. We believe art and environmentalism go well together.


These pictures help remind you of the importance of protecting threatened pieces of our planet. They help you start the conversation about conservation.


We intend to make protecting rainforests satisfying and shareable. So choose your favorite, protect some forest, hang it on your wall and spread the word!

about the project

Paint for Planet started in 2018. Back then it was just me selling paintings, donating part of the proceedings to preserve pieces of the planet.

Nice, but not nearly enough.

That's why, in the beginning of 2021 Paint for Planet was turned into a company inviting other creators to join by dedicating part of their creations to protecting the rainforests.


"I firmly believe creative makers can make a real difference in this world, if we work together!"

paint for planet


For the original artworkwe use the following calculation:

Every square meter of picture

protects a square kilometer of rainforest










prints &

limited editions

50% of the net revenue of all prints & limited editions is donated to Rainforest Trust. The number of square meters that amounts to is shown next to each picture.



On paintforplanet.com

there are many ways to help save the rainforests.

Whether or not you're a maker yourself, you can help us!

Do you have a piece of wall with nothing on it yet? Dedicate a piece of it to preserve a piece of forest!

Do you make pictures, paintings, posters, postcards or anything similar we can print?

Join us as a maker and start protecting pieces of planet!