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How does Paint for Planet protect rainforest ?

We donate half of our net proceeds to Rainforest Trust. They have over thirty years of experience in protecting the most biodiverse places on earth. They are widely considered to be the organisation to go to for anyone that wishes to help put a hold to the destruction of the rainforests.

How I know my purchase will indeed protect the amount of rainforest specified?

Each time a purchase has been made we publish the amount of square meters on the progress pageEvery month, we add these square meters together. These monthly totals are also published on the progress page. At the end of each month we make the donation to Rainforest Trust and publish the receipt on that same page. This way we try to provide as much transparency as possible.

Why not donate directly to rainforest trust?

Please do so! Paint for Planet hopes to convince as many people as possible to donate to Rainforest Trust, directly or indirectly. There are advantages of doing it through us though. These pictures help remind you and others of the importance of protecting the rainforest. Hanging on your wall, they let you think of the matter every once in a while. And more importantly, they inspire conversations about conservation. They help you inspire others to donate to this cause as well, either directly or indirectly through us. This way, these pictures can lead to even more money being donated than a regular donation could. This way of donating is much more shareable, and thus more prone to spreading the message! So buy one, and share it with the world!

What percentage is going to the rainforest?

At this point, we donate 50% of our net proceeds to Rainforest Trust. Next to each picture you can read how many square meters that particular picture wil help protect. These numbers are based on the estimated cost of production of each picture, and the data published on on how much it costs them to save a square meter. We update the amount of square meters per picture regularly, as we become more cost-efficient as an organisation. As our organisation grows we strive to move towards an even greater percentage of our proceeds to go to the protection of the rainforests. By purchasing a picture with us, you help us reach that goal sooner.

How does rainforest trust protect the forest?

You can read all about the methods Rainforest Trust uses to protect the forests here.

How much do the makers get?

For each original sold, the makers get 40%

For each limited edition sold, the makers get 25%

For each print sold, the makers get 10%

Why does paint for planet keep part of the profit?

It takes time and money to run this organisation. In order for this to become a viable enterprise and grow into something that protects ever more rainforest, we opted for a for-profit organisation.

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